2006 17′ 9 Dolphin Supper Skiff Pro. 115 hp Yamaha.

This is the ultimate in technical flats boats. Made out of 100% Kevlar material, it runs through the roughest of chop while keeping you dry, and at the same time floats in the skinniest of water. With a range over 100 miles, Capt. Raul will do whatever it takes to get you safely where the fish are biting.

Number of anglers – maximum two.

Dolphin Superskiff 17 Pro

Dolphin Superskiff 17 Pro


2004 18′ Hells Bay Glades Skiff.

If you really want to do some real one-on-one technical fishing, this is the boat to have. The Glades Skiff will float in 2.5″ of water, it is deadly silent, and can get you where no one else can go. This boat is perfect for sight fishing Snook and Redfish in the shallowest of water.

Number of anglers – one. Please specify upon booking your trip if you would like to do some extreme shallow water fishing.