Bonefish Fishing

Miami Florida And Florida Keys Guided Bonefishing Trips

Florida fishing is, to some degree, synonymous with Bonefish. Bonefishing in Florida is unique in and of itself and some of the biggest bonefish in the world are consistently caught on the flats of Florida. Believe it or not, January and February are great months to catch double digit bonefish on the flats. These are world class bonefish that range anywhere between 10-14 pounds. Even though it can be relatively “cold” for Florida during these winter months, the bonefish can be exceptionally good. The areas that we fish, Biscayne Bay to Islamorada, are prime bonefish fishing grounds and from January through April the bonefishing can be excellent throughout an entire day of fishing.

Bonefish are known as “the ghost of the flats” and they are a rewarding species of Florida game fish to catch because they can often be a challenge to find and catch on the flats. Bonefish are also addicting and one bonefish is just never enough. Fly fisherman and light tackle fly fisherman worldwide come to Florida year after year to try their luck with Florida Bonefish.

Biscayne Bay and Florida Keys Bonefish feed on the flats and it is one of the most exciting things in saltwater fishing to see a bonefish tailing or waking on the flat, make a good presentation with your fly or bait, and watch as the bonefish eat. And, the fun really begins when the bonefish eats your fly or bait. A big Biscayne Bay or Florida Keys bonefish can rip 100-150 yards of line off a light tackle fishing reel or fly reel in a matter of seconds! Pound for pound, the bonefish is one of the hardest fighting fish you will ever encounter.

Whether you live in Florida and you are looking for a new bonefishing experience or you are traveling to Florida and looking to try your luck on a world class fly fishing or light tackle guided bonefishing trip; consider fishing for bonefish with us. We very much look forward to guiding you on a Florida bonefishing fishing trip that you won’t soon forget.