Flats Fishing Charter

What We Provide

Florida fishing licenses, bait, tackle, and ice.

Tackle Provided

Fly Fishing Gear – Light Tackle Spinning Gear – Artificial Lures and Bait.

What To Bring

Sunscreen, polarized sunglasses(amber or copper), non marking shoes, hat, rain gear, food and water.

Guided Trips

  • Full Day Trip Biscayne Bay (8 hours) – $700.00
  • Full Day Flamingo Everglades National Park (8 hours) – $700.00
  • Full Day Tarpon Fishing Biscayne Bay, Everglades or Florida Keys- Islamorada $700.00
  • Half Day Trip Biscayne Bay (4 hours) – $500.00
  • Night Tarpon Fishing (4 hours) – $500.00
  • Half Day Flamingo Everglades National Park (4 hours) $550.00

To maximize your fishing experience, I suggest only 1 or 2 anglers per boat. Children are always welcome! Maximum number of anglers per boat is Two. At times I can take three anglers depending on what kind of fishing we will be doing. There is an additional cost for a third anglers.

In order to maximize your chances of success while sight fishing for Bone fish, Tarpon, or Permit, I highly recommend that you allow yourself at least 2 or 3 days of fishing. This will help accommodate for any less than perfect weather conditions we might experience on a 1 or 2 day trip. This will also allow you sufficient time to get more comfortable with seeing and reading the fish, as well as allowing you’re casting skills to develop to a more effective level.

Tarpon Season

Tarpon season is my busiest time of year during the tarpon migration. April through June is prime time for targeting tarpon on fly or bait. I recommend at least three days when booking a fly fishing trip for tarpon. I have several anglers that book five to fifteen days during the season to maximize there success.

To book dates for Tarpon Season April-June, I offer THREE DAY, FIVE DAY, AND SEVEN DAY FLY FISHING PACKAGES. No less then three days during tarpon season.

If you are looking for only one or two days of fishing, please call because at times we might have a one or two days available between booking.

Please read cancellation policy during tarpon season.

Deposits/Refund Policy

$200.00 deposit is due at the time of booking for each day of fishing scheduled.

Deposits can be made via pay-pal by clicking the buy now button below. I will also accept US checks for a deposit and your dates will be secure after the check has cleared. The remaining balance can be paid in cash or credit at the end of the charter. If paying the total amount by credit card, processing fees may apply.

For multi boat or corporate trips, the full payment is due upon booking.

The deposit is refundable if a written cancellation notice is received one month (30 days) prior to the reserved date during the regular season. During Tarpon Season (,April Through June) there will be no refund of your deposit.

Weather is a constant question I get when someone is booking a trip. If your charter is cancelled due to unsafe weather, your deposit will be held for a future date. The captain is the only one who can cancel due to unsafe weather conditions.

When booking a FLY FISHING trip, the customer cannot cancel  if they feel it’s to windy for them to fly fish. South Florida is a tropical place and we wan experience calm days and windy days, and theirs always going to be more windy days then calm days. We will always have other options for the day with spin tackle using lures as well as bait. NO FLY SNOBS PLEASE! A true fisherman should be well rounded in all types of fishing tackle and adjust to the conditions for the day.

If a deposit is returned due to a rain out or unsafe weather conditions, it can take up to 30 days for a full refund of the deposit.


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