Florida Light Tackle Saltwater Fishing

Why Charter Me?
When you fish with a guide, you want to be confident that your guide is familiar with the water and can find the fish. If you come fishing with me, this is something you don’t need to worry about. My knowledge of the fishing in this part of Florida results from a lifetime of fishing and guiding these areas. I was born and raised in Miami, grew up fishing this area and have dedicated myself to knowing every flat, mangrove and channel. When I am not guiding, I spend as much time fishing as possible to further understand the Biscayne Bay, Islamorada, Flamingo Everglades and Florida Keys prime fishing areas. When you set foot in my boat, you can be confident that you will be fishing with a veteran, local Florida Fisherman that can find the fish!

Where I Fish?

The Biscayne Bay area flats, lagoons and mangroves are my home water but I keep my boat on the trailer and am always ready to travel wherever the fishing is best. If it is Tarpon season, you can bet I will be heading to Islamorada, if it is prime time for Snook then we may head to Flamingo Everglades National Park, if it is going off in the Keys, then we are off to the Keys and if the trophy Bonefish of Biscayne are on the feed then we will be there! I want you to have a successful trip and enjoy it to the fullest extent possible and will go where the fishing is best!

Target Fish Species:


Florida has become well known as one of the best places on the planet to catch big Bonefish, and for good reason. If you are fishing in January and February, you have potential of catching double digit Bonefish on the flats. These are truly trophy sized Bonefish that range anywhere between 10-14 pounds! Bonefish can be encountered in all of the areas that I fish from Biscayne Bay to Islamorada and the Bonefishing can be excellent throughout an entire day of fishing. Biscayne Bay in particular is a prime location for very big Bonefish and it isn’t uncommon to have 100-150 yards of line peeled off in a single run! Whether you live in Florida or are traveling here, are looking to expand your Bonefishing knowledge, are just getting started or looking to try your luck at a trophy Bonefish, I can make it happen. More about Florida Bonefishing


Several options exist for light tackle or fly fishing for Tarpon in all of the areas where we fish. The Tarpon Fishing varies in each of these locations depending on the time of the year. Peak Tarpon fishing is during the annual Tarpon migration that occurs around the end of April and continues until July. This is prime time and massive amounts of Tarpon travel through Biscayne Bay and the Florida keys. If you are fishing Florida during this time and want to chase the Silver King, then the areas from Biscayne Bay to Islamorada, Florida is where we will be. If you are fishing Florida during January, February or March, then a Biscayne Bay night Tarpon trip is your best shot fishing from 5pm to 8pm. Whether you live in Florida and you are looking for a new Tarpon fishing experience or you are traveling to Florida and looking for a world class fly fishing or light tackle guided Tarpon fishing trip, you should seriously consider fishing for Tarpon with me. More about Florida Tarpon


Permit fishing is a favorite of many Florida light tackle fishermen and flyfishermen. Permit can be some of the toughest fish to fool especially on the fly. If you do manage to fool and hook into a Permit, you are in for a battle because they are a very strong and hard fighting fish capable of ripping 150-200 yards of fly line backing or mono off a reel in seconds. Like all fish species, certain times of the year are better than others. April and May can be phenomenal months for fishing Permit in Biscayne Bay, although summer, fall, and early winter months often produce fantastic opportunities for Permit. Even February can be a great month for Permit if it’s not too cold. During March Permit begin to spawn off-shore so there are fewer around, but there are still plenty of fish to catch in the bay. Whether you live in Florida and you are looking for a new Permit fishing experience or you are traveling to Florida and looking to try your luck on a world class fly fishing or light tackle guided Permit fishing trip, let me show you where the Permit are! More about Florida Permit


South Florida is one of the leading fisheries for Snook in the World as a result of the excellent habitat. Frequently overlooked, Snook are one of the greatest sport fish that near-shore angling has to offer. When fishing for Snook, we typically will head to Flamingo and Everglades National Park as a result of their desire to hide in patrol shorelines especially with cover such as mangroves that are dominant in these areas. Snook fishing is generally good all year long but they will be found in different water types in different times of year. In the winter months they tend to like the warmer backcountry waters and spend their time at the mouths of the many creeks that dump into the Florida Everglades. Other times of year snook can be found of the beach of Cape Sable and around the grass flats east of Flamingo. Come fishing with me and I will show you where the best Snook fishing is! More about Florida Snook


Redfish love the warm waters of south Florida and are prolific feeders that are often not very picky. As a result, they are a great sport fish for light tackle and fly-fishing. Redfish are often seen “tailing” (very similar to bonefish) on the shallow flats as they feed. Redfish can be targeted all year long but again, certain times are better for certain areas so we will head where the fishing is best. At certain times of year, big schools of redfish move up onto the flats just outside of Flamingo. It is a fishing sight like no other to see big redfish tailing and waking in shallow water. The majority of our guided redfish fishing trips involve sight fishing, which is the most challenging and rewarding way to catch them. If you want to try your luck fishing for the aggressive Redfish, I can show you a great day looking for tails! More about Florida Redfish

Barracuda & Sharks

Beyond the big 5 premier species mentioned above, there are many other fish we encounter in our waters. Barracuda and Sharks are the better known since they found throughout the year and are easily accessible to any angler. Sharks are plentiful, and on light tackle (8 or 10 lb. test) are scrappy for their size. Barracudas are also abundant and can range in size from 5 lbs. up to 40 lbs. The fight from either of these predators is filled with screaming reels, impressive acrobatic leaps (Barracuda) and long blistering runs. Both of these species are found in all of the waters we fish and are typically encountered every day. Although sharks and barracuda can be caught all year long, it tends to be most productive during the colder winter. More about Florida Barracuda & Sharks