Where We Fish

Miami’s Biscayne Bay And Islamorada FLorida

The Biscayne Bay area flats, lagoons and mangroves are my home water and I spend a lot of time in these waters near Miami, Florida. In fact you can be fishing within one hour of downtown Miami on some of my favorite flats!

Biscayne Bay is not at all the only place I fish though. I keep my boat on the trailer and am always ready to travel wherever the fishing is best from Flamingo Everglades to the Florida Keys to Islamorada. During the peak of Tarpon season, you can bet I will be heading to Islamorada where the giant Tarpon can be intercepted on their migratory journey. If it is prime time for Snook then we may head to the backcountry mangroves of Flamingo Everglades National Park, where trophy snook lie in wait to ambush baitfish. If the fishing is going off in the Keys, then we are off to the Keys to prowl the flats. If the trophy Bonefish of Biscayne are on the feed then we will be there!

My goal is for you to have a successful trip and enjoy it to the fullest extent possible. I work very hard to ensure that we have a great day and will go where the fishing is best!